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Novel Market Accelerator to Launch at Digital Health Days 2014

Leading consultancy D Health is gearing up to launch its Catalyst programme in Europe on 26 August 2014 -day two of the renowned Digital Health Days conference in Stockholm.

Sweden’s collaborative culture combined with its challenging geography for delivering services is helping it become a hotbed for innovation in digital healthcare, which is why D Health has targeted the region.

The D Health Catalyst is a novel sustainable economic development model which aims to recreate a successful digital healthcare marketplace in microcosm. It will achieve this by recruiting a membership that represents the full market, from developers and investors to service providers and the supply chain.

The European launch follows the successful UK launch in London on 12 May which was attended by representatives from the UK market and the 30 organisations who have already signed up.

Dr Steven Dodsworth, CEO at D Health, commented: “We believe that creating a platform where these organisations can collaborate is key to making digital healthcare technology affordable, accessible and successful in the future. We recognise the valuable legacy created by the mobile industry in Scandinavia and this, combined with an active and collaborative mix of organisations with long standing interests in digital health, makes for a fantastic melting pot.

“From our roots in Scotland we see some obvious similarities in the challenges faced by Scandinavian countries delivering healthcare across what can be a difficult geography. The digital healthcare cluster emerging in the Highlands and Islands is a reaction to this challenge. We are confident that by facilitating new networks and collaborations through the Catalyst we can drive growth in the digital healthcare market across Western Europe and create sustainable healthcare services for the future.”

Jeremy Cummin, executive chairman at D Health, added: “The tremendously collaborative culture is well known and has been particularly evident in our dealings in Sweden. This is ideal for the Catalyst which is by nature, an open innovation model where members join to work in new and collaborative ways. As such, we felt that a Scandinavian launch should be the natural, next step for the Catalyst.”

Ylva Williams, CEO at Stockholm Science City Foundation, one of the organisers behind Digital Health Days 2014 in Stockholm, commented: “We are excited to see the D Health Catalyst programme launched during the conference, and look forward to follow the effect of the market accelerator programme in Sweden and in the UK in parallel.”

For more information about D Health, please visit http://www.dhcl.org/.

For more information about Digital Health Days 2014 visit http://www.digitalhealthdays.se/

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