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​Affibody AB and Biotest AG enter into a Research License and Option Agreement regarding the Albumod™ platform

Dreieich, Germany and Solna, Sweden – Biotest AG and Affibody AB today announced that the companies have signed a Research License and Option Agreement.

The agreement relates to the use of Affibody’s proprietary Albumod™ platform, which is designed to enhance the efficacy of biopharmaceuticals by extending their circulatory half-life, with compounds from Biotest’s portfolio of proprietary molecules.

Affibody’s CEO, David Bejker, said: “Biotest with their vast experience in development of protein based drugs is an ideal partner for our Albumod™ platform and we are very pleased to announce this agreement today. This announcement further illustrates that our license driven business model can continue to deliver new collaborations”.

Affibody will receive up-front and milestone payments as well as royalties on sales for licensing of the Albumod™ platform. Further details of the agreement have not been disclosed.


David Bejker, CEO +46 706 454 948
Johan Stuart CFO +46 706 644 096

About the Albumod™ platform

Affibody’s Albumod™ technology is designed to enhance the efficacy of biopharmaceuticals by extending their circulatory half-life, thereby allowing for less frequent dosing and lower peak concentrations in blood with a decreased risk for adverse events. In addition to these patient safety benefits, the overall treatment costs are reduced. For more information please refer to: www.affibody.se.

About Affibody

Affibody is a Swedish biotech company focused on developing next generation biopharmaceuticals based on its unique proprietary technology platforms: Affibody® molecules and Albumod™.

Affibody is developing a portfolio of innovative drug projects and, in addition, offers the halflife extension technology, Albumod™, for outlicensing.

Affibody has ongoing commercial relationships with several companies including Algeta, Amylin, Daewoong, Daiichi Sankyo, Swedish Orphan Biovitrum, GE, Nordic Nanovector, and Thermo Fisher.

About Biotest

Biotest is a provider of plasma proteins and biological drugs. With a value added chain that extends from pre-clinical and clinical development to worldwide sales, Biotest has specialised primarily in the areas of clinical immunology, haematology and intensive medicine. Biotest develops and markets immunoglobulins, coagulation factors and albumins based on human blood plasma. These are used for diseases of the immune and haematopoietic systems. In addition Biotest develops monoclonal antibodies in the indications of rheumatoid arthritis and cancer of plasma cells, which are produced by recombinant technologies. Biotest has more than 2.100 employees worldwide. The preference shares of Biotest AG are listed in the SDAX on the Frankfurt stock exchange.


This document contains forward-looking statements on overall economic development as well as on the business, earnings, financial and assets position of Biotest AG and its subsidiaries. These statements are based on current plans, estimates, forecasts and expectations of the company and are thus subject to risks and elements of uncertainty that could result in significant deviation of actual developments from expected developments. The forwardlooking statements are only valid at the time of publication. Biotest does not intend to update the forward-looking statements and assumes no obligation to do so.

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