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CHaSE - Stockholm's premier career and jobs fair

CHaSE (Careers in Health and Science Exposition) was founded 2014 by a Karolinska Institutet (KI) student initiative and is organized by KI’s medical student association, Medicinska Föreningen. Since then it has been a unique, annual career and jobs fair within the healthcare and life science sector. It serves as a platform both to students, to plan their post-university career, as well as for companies to seek highly qualified employees from all Swedish universities. CHaSE aims to be very interactive and therefore the day is comprised of interesting company presentations, dynamic workshops, and professional networking events.

The team and their challenge of 2020

Every year a different event team is organizing CHaSE. Last year was a particular challenge, as the event had to be transformed to be virtual, in the middle of the planning stage. It was a whole team effort from corporate relation management to finances to operations, to make a full online event. In many meetings we considered various platforms and discussed how each part of the event could be transformed, for the best virtual experience.

What a success!
We a very glad to say now, that the event run very successfully on November 23rd 2020. We had 30 companies represented and 456 visitors on the event day. On a virtual stage the students could listen to talks from Novo Nordisk, Astra Zeneca, MSD or EU careers. In smaller sessions, different career paths, from patent law, pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs to medical science liaison were presented. In the expo booths students and company representatives had the opportunity to individually discuss career steps.

Thank you!
We would like to take the opportunity to reach out and thank each and everyone who participated in CHaSE 2020! To all the companies, who put their trust in us as the organizing team, many thanks for making CHaSE this very exceptional career fair! To all the company representatives, we are immensely glad for your participation. Your unique input and advise is the core of CHaSE’s success! To all the students, thank you for joining and we hope the day offered you more insight and suggestions on your desired career path.

More about CHaSE
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Theresa Mader, PhD student, Karolinska Institutet

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